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Darker than you would expect. - 75%

Feeble_screams, March 8th, 2007

These 3 rehearsal songs are Varg's earliest compositions under the moniker of Burzum. The songs presented here are Lost Wisdom, Spell of Destruction, Channeling the Power of Souls, and an unlisted outro. These are some of Varg's most primitive recordings aside from Old Funeral, and the demo itself is more or less an extremely important aspect of the genre because of it's impact on Norwegian black metal and the future of the style alike.

The music itself is considerably darker than the re-recorded versions that most people have heard. There are no vocals present, and production fades in and out, for the most part sounding terrible, but not to the extent of making the individual instruments incomprehensible. The songs tend to seem much longer than their later versions because of the vocal absence, and obviously, the production. The overall feeling of this demo is very grim and dark, and the music here highlights the sound and feeling of Vikernes' music and soon-to-be style of the Norwegian second wave. I would honestly rather listen to this demo over the versions of the songs on the debut. It captures the essence of black metal and the meaning of Burzum so much moreā€¦

Attaining the actual demo would be about as hard as trying to acquire a winning lottery ticket. In other words, it probably just won't happen. Apparently the material here is subjected to a ton of bootlegging, so obtaining the music in some format should not be extremely hard, provided you actually look hard enough. This demo is one of the most important releases in the history of black metal, and listening to the music therein should remind you of that. The score I have given it is out of sheer significance to the genre and from the fact that is represents a true darkness which has seemingly only been captured by Vikernes himself.