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Burzum? Genius? Give me a break... - 55%

SunGodPortal, July 6th, 2006

I'll start off by saying that Varg's drumming and vocals are a joke. He can't sing and can barely drum. This album and nearly every Burzum album (except for Filosofem) are really nothing special (his synth albums aren't metal so I won't worry about them during this review) aside from a handful of tunes. Originality is certainly lacking as most of the guitar playing sounds like a pathetic and cheap Thorns immitation mixed with a little Celtic Farce and some elements of new-wave/post-punk shit from the 80's like Billy Idol. The bass can be ignored as it is only playing boring roots notes and such. Nothing even worth recording. What does that leave? Song structure. Here's something Varg seems to know a little about. Some of the songs such as "My Journey to the Stars" and "A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit" have long winding stuctures that take you on a nice little adventure through some interesting and slightly tragic fantasies. Others though, like "War" and "Ea, Lord of the Depths," though are unimaginatively bland and follow a verse/chorus arrangement or worse. Let's not forget about "This is, heh Waawr." haha Makes me laugh just thinking about it. It almost sounds like he was making fun of Tom G. Warrior. He probably killed Euronymous just to draw attention away from the fact that he was a complete dork and totally clueless to boot. Anyway.. As I said, this and most other early Burzum albums are nothing to make a fuss about since the musicianship is so poor and the vocals are awful. I'd only recommend this if you're into goofy, lazy, sloppy stuff like post-Ablaze Darkthrone that only makes black metal seem like more of a joke than it has already become.