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Exterminating the Masses - 65%

todesengel89, December 6th, 2012

Having been around for almost 7 years, Burial Ritual this year releases their sophomore full length effort in the form of Exterminating the Masses. Unlike many modern death metal bands that focus overly on the technical aspects or the brutal side of death metal, Burial Ritual presents a rather stripped down style of death metal.

Accosting the Mindless begins with a rather percussive riff right from the start, chugging along with the beats of drummer Pete, and one instantly knows what to expect from Exterminating the Masses. Like mentioned, the band doesn’t focus overly on being technical or brutal, and the music on here is some rather simple old school death metal, and the tightness of the band having played together for almost 7 year is rather clearly heard. This is most evident in the synchronised playing style of the rhythm section, with the rhythm instruments being extremely tight in the execution of their instruments and in the ability to chug out the riffs in perfect unison. Vocalist Chris is extremely savage in the execution of his vocals, bringing in a tortured and gruff edge to the music.

Unfortunately, the band falters in the songwriting, with the songs on the album starting to sound rather flat and uninspired rather quickly. At times it felt almost as though the band were unsure about the direction that they wanted to head towards, and potentially powerful moments were quickly arrested, leaving the listener in a state of anti-climax. Furthermore there were a couple of rather awkward moments, such as the intro riff on the title track Exterminating the Masses. Fortunately, as the album progressed things started looking up after Lubricated with Vomit, especially in the ability for the band to rouse about feelings of alienation towards the state of the world with the spoken sample/acoustic interlude at the end of Chaos Unfold.

Overall though, Exterminating the Masses is a pretty enjoyable release, especially towards the end of the album, if one manages to sit through the first few tracks of the album. Furthermore, the band’s tightness on the album is something that is worth listening out for.