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Heavy Metal found its' leader once again! - 99%

evermetal, November 19th, 2009

When I first got into hard music, I listened to bands like Guns n’ Roses and Bon Jovi and I really liked them. But then came Iron Maiden. I still remember the feelings I got when I listened to The Number of The Beast and Piece of Mind. I especially liked their singer, Bruce Dickinson that soon became my favorite vocalist and a true worship, unmatchable with any other singer. When he left Iron Maiden I felt I lost a piece of myself. With “Balls To Picasso” I felt that piece next to me but “Skunkworks” came to tear it apart. Bruce was no longer with me and I felt really bad about it. Some years passed and heavy metal worked its way on me, still a side of me remained unsatisfied. Until the God of metal returned!

With simple words, Accident of Birth is perfect! Bruce hasn’t sung and expressed himself like this since the Seventh Son… album. After all his experiments failed he decided to take himself for serious and working with his old mate Adrian Smith and Troy Z of Tribe After Tribe he created a unique album that can be compared only with his best moments in Maiden. Was it an urge or a necessity one may wonder? To be honest I really don’t care as long as he is back on the metal track. In this album Bruce composes epic songs, either singing furiously-the way we loved him-in heavy metal thunders, or giving us incredible moments of peace with his exquisite ballads. At times the music reminds a bit of Maiden but how could it be otherwise since the songs are under the signature of Dickinson-Smith? Okay, Dave Murray is a tremendous guitarist but Smith is way better than him both composing and performing. Troy Z is also very good on the guitar and he has made a very good job on the production as well. I must also give credit to the bassist and drummer that play their asses off.

The album kicks off with Freak and a strange guitar intro that makes you unaware of what is about to come. An explosive riff shutters the speakers and the sense of pure metal fills the air. The bombastic drums drive into merciless headbanging and Bruce’s unmistakable voice causes delirium. A brilliant break in the middle makes it even more charming. A perfect way to start!

Toltec 7 Arrival is just a small atmospheric theme that works as a path for the killer track called Starchildren. The guitars are heavy as fuck, thrusting their way to your brain, so simple yet amazing and the steady rhythmic playing of the drums and bass push the song forward towards perfection. The chorus is particularly catchy and you’ll find yourself singing along many, many times.

Taking the Queen enters with beautiful acoustic guitars and Bruce’s mesmerizing vocals but soon things get rough with hard guitars and aggressive singing through many clever breaks. Very, very nice! As the song fades out we suddenly pass to a six-minute epic by the title Darkside of Aquarius. Galloping guitar and drum paces characterize this song and its marvelous solo proves that Smith is one of the best guitarists in heavy metal. A small serene passage calms things down before the rhythm blasts off again leading to a great finale.

Number 6 on the list is the album’s best track, Road to Hell. Four minutes of genuine metal it is. The dynamic drums set the pace for this awesome metal blaster as the storming riffs leave you no space to breathe and the band is delivering a superb performance all the way. I believe this song could fit into a Maiden album for sure.

The first ballad of the album is Man of Sorrows and it’s truly wonderful. Bruce’s vocals are accompanied by beautiful piano lines. His singing is so emotional and warm, bloody hell I love the man! His voice sends shivers down my spine. The violin tunes in the background give their own tone to the song and I classify it among the best ballads in metal, along with Tears of The Dragon. Bruce manages to give his best in this kind of balladry.

The self-titled track is another diamond in the albums jewel-case. It is strong and heavy, with many changes in rhythm, blistering and devastating. The lyrics are very inspired, explanatory of Dickinson’s state. “Welcome home, it’s been too long we’ve missed you, welcome home to your brothers and sisters”. Welcome back to metal Bruce! We all hail your return!

The Magician is probably the catchiest song of Accident… It has a very entertaining, groovy rhythm and a more hard rock rather than metal feeling. I find it very easy to listen to; it’s arousing and enjoyable and measures up to the standards of the album. Welcome to The Pit is the only song that falls flat. Though it is not bad, it loses points compared to the rest of the compositions. It’s slower, more atmospheric and dark but I suppose Bruce knows better.

Just before the end we get the semi-ballad called Omega. The strange title has nothing to do with this beautiful song that features excellent guitars and melodic vocals that lift it even higher at the chorus and an explosive break in the middle. This leads us to the closing track, Arc of Space. A nice composition performed with acoustic guitars creating a peaceful climate as we have finally reached the end. Now you can reach for your remote control and push the PLAY button again. I have done so several times with Accident of Birth!

The emperor of metal has returned to his throne and we, his humble followers have no right to question his dominion. Thank you Bruce!