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No accidents here - 93%

SteveDT13, October 22nd, 2006

When I picked up this album, I had no idea what I was in for. This was the third Bruce Dickinson album I've bought, after Tyranny of Souls and The Chemical Wedding. Don't let the album cover fool you, this may be the best thing Bruce has ever put out. The album does have its weakpoints, but I assure you the rest of the album is so great that after a few listens, the weak points serve as a change of pace to keep the whole album fresh. The only songs that appear to be flawless are Darkside of Aquaris and Arc of Space.

Freak is a great opening track, although the intro is a bit out of line. After that intro, there is a thrashy riff that leads into a verse whose lyrics have more energy than anything I've heard from Bruce. The chorus is a little weak, and after the bridge (which is as good as the verses), the chorus is repeated until the song is over. I want to avoid overanalysing every song on the album, but this song pretty much sums up what you are about to hear. Amazing music from Roy Z and infinite energy from Bruce are the building blocks of this album

Toltec 7 Arrival is a short intro to Starchildren. The track is nothing short of amazing, even though it is so short, it sets the mood perfectly. Starchildren isn't great, the chorus is pretty weak but the verse riff makes up for it. Many people will tell you that Taking the Queen is a bad song, I mean it isn't great but it is a really nice piece that leads into the next track, which is Darkside of Aquarius. This song is reminiscent of Book of Thel, for those of you who may have heard The Chemical Wedding. This may be the best song on the track.

Road to Hell is another solid track, although not as good as Darkside of Aquarius. Honestly, I don't think Man of Sorrows is that great of a song. If you read the other reviews, people will tell you how amazing it is, but I think it is a little overrated. The guitar solo makes up for the rest of it. The title track, Accident of Birth, could have been better. There is just no strong point in it, but the intro is pretty cool. The Magician on the other hand is another great solid song. The chorus really stands out with some of Bruce's amazing vocal work. Welcome to the Pit is probably the worst song on the album, I will almost always skip this track when listening to the album. The Ghost of Cain is like The Magician, the chorus might not be as good, but the bridge makes up for it.

The last two songs on the album, Omega and Arc of Space, are in a completely different league from the rest. They are both about the apocalypse, but Arc of Space is all acoustic, and may be the best Bruce Dickinson song period. You'll have to hear for yourself to know what I mean.

After listening to this album a few times, you'll find yourself coming back to listen again and again. Even after you become literally sick of this album, you will still want to hear Darkside of Aquarius and The Magician. If you have enough money to buy one CD and don't have this, GET IT! If not, sell a kidney or whatever you have to in order to buy this. If you have any money left from that, buy whatever Bruce Dickinson albums you don't have.