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Crusty, Sloppy, Tasty. - 72%

Ktulu, March 10th, 2003

I was pleasantly surprised at this early Bolt Thrower offering. I had already heard their 1989 disc, "Realm of Chaos", which I don't like too much, as it's waaaaay too grind-y. This actually isn't all that grind-y, which is what I was expecting. There's definitely grind here, but it's not so prevalent as to make me insane with blastbeat induced hatred.

The production is pretty weak, but you can hear everything, and the guitars hit you like a lead parakeet, and the vocals are actually pretty varied as far as Bolt Thrower goes. Some of the vocals are actually kind of high and raspy which is nice, and quite surprising.

There's nothing spectacular here, of course, but a good listen and a nice thing for every Bolt Thrower fan to have (actually the cover is my favourite part -- hard fucking core!). The second half of the album is quite a bit better than the first half, with songs like "Attack in the Aftermath" and "Psychological Warfare" ripping your head off, spitting down your throat and then trying to twist your head back on again with riff-heavy bludgeonry.

And yes, this is Bolt Thrower. It's ALL about war.