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Radcakes - 88%

MutatisMutandis, August 10th, 2008

In recent years, Blood Duster has built up a suprisingly large following in the US with Relapse records doing much of the distributing. By "much", of course, I mean standard Relapse-fare, with the occasional t-shirt popping up in their online distro and nary a copy of the self-titled buried on the shelves of 1/16th of the country's FYEs. It's actually a total mystery to me how they've garnished so much acclaim, but I'll be fucked if I'm to go out and research this topic any further.

Hot on the heels of the band's comparatively straight-forward Menstrual Soup demo and the Fisting The Dead EP enters Yeest, the third official release of these aussie rock 'n grinders, and what could be considered the turning point for the group. This EP contains 7 tracks of southern sludge inspired death-grind with alternating high and low vocals and a penchant for chunky grooves and tounges planted firmly in cheeks. Tracks like Northcote, Chuck, and the 29 second Showered With Affection Pt. 2 pack a helluva wallop for their brevity, and are instantly memorable. Unfortunately, Strop is only 6 seconds long (which leaves a longing in the listener), and the closer Nasty Chicks starts off solid but degrades into a wall of pointless noise midway that dredges on for several minutes.

While I can't really reccomend you track down the original EP, I can't stress enough how awesome the repackaged version is, including the Fisting The Dead EP in its entirety and only slightly altered artwork. I'm anal about re-releases, so I felt a compulsion to include that last factoid. Blood Duster should appeal to fans of NOLA, grind, and death metal alike, and their later output will rope in an even greater demograph. Cheers!

Good.... for Grindcore - 19%

Black666Lizard, November 25th, 2003

What we have here is basically the cream of the crap, Blood Duster's "Yeest" being the cream and grindcore being the crap. Grind is a stylistically limiting genre to begin with and Blood Duster doesn't really do anything to extend or break free from those limits. This is pretty much typical grindcore (which kind of dooms it from the start) with a little extra groove. The entire album just plods along with tons of filler and very few redeeming factors.

The album starts off on a high note which is the somewhat catchy "Albert". This song contains seriously groovy moments and is overall pretty memorable. The same goes for the next song "Northcote". After these two songs the quality of the CD begins to disintegrate very rapidly. In the next 30 tracks the listener is forced to endure overlong samples and boring chug-riffs. A few of the samples are kind of funny but certainly not enough so to get me to like this. All the songs range from about 5 seconds to 2 minutes which doesn't give the time to have any form of good structure or build up much excitement. Aside from the first two songs there is nothing good here so just download those and skip buying it.

The overall performance of the band is pretty poor. The Guitars never solo and play what seems like the same riff over and over again in many cases. The drums are decent but fail to catch my attention in any way. The vocalist, Jason P.C., uses two styles on here. The first is a guttural gurgle type voice and the other which gets used a bit less is a higher pitched shriek. Nothing out of the ordinary at all here.

The lyrics and packaging also suck. Blood Duster isn't even humorous like many grind bands, they tend to stick to the more disgusting side of things. The cover depicts the face of rotting corpse and inside there are close up pictures of what I think are assholes, not so sure though. The lyrics tackle thought provoking topics like menstrual cycles, necrophilia, and child molestation. The only people who would find enjoyment in this type of humour are the band themselves and maybe a few second-graders with a large knowledge of obscene terms.

To sum everything up Blood Duster is just another crappy grind band that other grindheads will probably like a lot but for those of us that have good taste "Yeest" is just a very large waste of money.