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Excellent Compilation - 90%

Shred1921, January 31st, 2003

Past Lives is an excellent showcase of classic Black Sabbath. They play all the hits, and some other songs I don't think have ever been captured live on a live album (Megalomania for one). Anyway, this album rocks. The quality is as you'd expect from live recordings done in the 70's, and sounds alot like the Sab's early albums, flat and heavy. Ozzy is in top form: "we love you!" and the rest of the band sounds right on the ball. Highlights of the album for me include Embryo/Children Of The Grave, Megalomania, Symptom Of The Universe, and Sweet Leaf.

This album is a must have for any true Sabbath fan, since it captures the band at their true pinnacle. It's tough to beat Ozzy/Iommi/Ward/Butler, playing this well, and this loud. Get it.