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Nice cool tunes to jam to for 40 minutes - 78%

firebee1, January 15th, 2005

Not the kind of album that invokes serious headbanging. I'm listening to it right now and all i'm doing is rythmically tapping my fingers and nodding my head. It's a great CD, no doubt, it's just not headshredding bonebusting hard metal. But if you have 40 minutes of free time, sit in a comfy chair and enjoy!

War Pigs/Luke's Wall 9/10

Starts off slow and cool, like a jazz song that doesn't suck. Has a little siren effect to it adding to the war aspect of the song. Stop! Two quick guitar notes with Bill Ward hitting the hi hat and then Ozzy kicks in with top notch vocals. It goes something like this: Bill Ward hits hi hat while Ozzy says a line then he bangs the drum as Iommi gives it the guitar. Repeat until about the 1:48 mark and then Bill puts in the fast hits keeping a cool flow going. Not an ultrafast speed beat but it's more than sufficient. Cool groove for a little while, 100% enjoyable, then you go back to your badass guitar riff and speedy drums. What can i say about bass, the whole purpose of bass is to give backbone to a song, the song doesn't sound thin so Geezer is doing his job the way it should be done. You get some drum rolls here and there near the end of the song and some good solos from Iommi hear and there. The ONLY part of the song i didn't like was the very very end where Iommi twisted the guitars and because of that, the song gets a 9.

Paranoid 10/10

Nothing unlikeable about this song. I was kinda dissapointed that it was only 2:52 long. Anyways, the song starts off cool and what I really like about the song is that the guitar notes and bass notes aren't exactly the same, like a lot of modern day metal. The bass adds a very nice touch to the solo. Anyway, this song is without a chorus so i think that's why it's so short, but this song needs no chorus. The drumming is a little simplistic but everything else makes up for it. I like the lyrics, too.

Planet Caravan 3/10

The drums sound like slow African tribal and the guitars (bass AND electric) are so quiet. This song is riddled with effects (which are pretty trippy to listen to with headphones on). That's the word i can use to describe the song, trippy. It's WAY too slow for my taste though. I like the guitar riff at about 2:30. The drums never seem to change and the effects start to annoy you. The guitars start to get repeptitive. The song eventually fades out, next track. Four and a half minutes of average groove. The song doesn't fit with the album at all, every other song on this album has a moderate tempo, while this song is slow. I always seem to skip this song. Side note: Pantera did a very good cover of this song which i liked way better than the Sabbath version. Oh, but i ramble, next track.

Iron Man 10/10

*bass drum* *bass drum* *bass drum* *bass drum* *guitar drone* I AM IRON MAN. And then the best song on this album begins. You get a riff that you will remember forever in the verses and the chorus is all about the drums and vocals, i kind of ignore the guitar. You get a great solo from Iommi halfway through the song. The bass mimics the guitar alot but you ingnore it because the rest of the song is just so incredible. The song wraps up nicely with a riff from good ol Iommi and some of Bill Ward's crash cymbals.

Electric Funeral 10/10

Ooooh, scary!! A very creepy riff, and i love creepy riffs. Lyrics are just as creepy and Ozzy's delivery is nothing short of excellent. This is probably the heaviest song on the CD, even though it's not that fast. Wow, Bill Ward does give you some great drum rolls. Okay, halfway through the song now, notivable change of pace. Hey, it's faster now (Electric funeral! Electric funeral!) and Iommi's giving some higher notes. Then all that ends and the creepiness begins again. The drumming overall is decent, the only spectacular drumming moment in this song was in the bridge in the middle of the song. The song now fades out and next track starts

Hand Of Doom 10/10

Starts out with a cool bass riff. The vocals are perfect and the drums, although slow in the verses, compliment the whole "doomed" aspect of the song. This song is the first time i ever heard Ozzy scream and he does a decent job. There's no guitar in the normal verses, only in the chorus and bridge. The chorus guitars are PERFECT. The bridge starts at about 2:10 and the whole Sabbath gives it their full musical talent and makes the rest of the song memorable. Back to the creepy bass riff u heard at the beginning, drums kick in, vocals added, chorus begins with some more of that Iommi guitar that you can never forget. This song was stuck in my head for days the first time I heard it (which is a good thing). The song wraps up with the initial bass riffs. I'm sorry, this song is so hard to describe, i suggest you download the song and read this while you listen.

Rat Salad 10/10

The guitars are pretty average, and the bass does nothing for the song. So how does this song get a 10/10? Those fucking fast as hell drums! I need not say more.

Jack The Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots 1/10

I usually stop the CD before this song starts because this song is so repeptitive and annoying. This song has an annoying guitar riff and the vocals kinda suck. The drums are the only thing keeping this song from getting a 0. Ozzy's high flying singing in this song is so gargly in places. Bill Ward's drumming is very good as always. The bass is frequently inconsistent. Iommi's last solo stands out very well, though (except the song ends before his solo does).

Although i heavily bashed the last track, go out and buy this CD. Black Sabbath is one of the few bands that nobody has a problem with, and you won't have a problem with them either.