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Artistic vagueness means 'boring' - 20%

BeingAtWar, September 13th, 2006

I think a potential buyer of this album might appreciate an opinion unlike the two that preceded it, because I cannot relate to such enjoyment of 'Covet' whatsoever.

The lyrics are verbose because the music is vague bordering thin air. Everything about the album shouts 'token'; the 'heavy metal' riffs, the dissonance, the two stupid vocal styles that unintentionally mock the opera format.

They should have tried their hand at some other medium, because music was not a language they seemed able to harness. Their mish-mash of cliched metaphors are mish-mashed into obvious and formulaic structures that ring of rock and roll fodder despite their experimental doom and industrial pretences.

There is no sin in taking the general conventions of a genre for what they connotate to the artist and weaving this into a piece of music. That's how a lot of homogenous-to-the-ear genres took shape, albeit quite subtely. However, the songwriting of Black Lodge is so powerless that it becomes totally subservient to the limitations of each style they draw from, thus crushing all hopes of coherency.