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There's no words to describe how bad this is. - 1%

HomicidalBreath, November 26th, 2013

'Metal punk' is a "genre" that has been continuously growing over the past decade. It's a genre that contains great bands but many bands that are just terrible. Terrible doesn't quite described how completely bad Blüdwülf are though, why these guys have a small cult following puzzles me, some people have even went on to call their only release so far "Cryptic Revelations" a classic. Well, maybe I'm just insane but the only thing I hear when I listen to this is untalented musicians who sound like they recorded this when they were in their early teens.

I ended up buying this for 2.50$ already used but still in great condition at a local record store roughly 3 or 4 months ago and after listening to it 2 or 3 times I just threw it in my pile of CDs. Well just a few days ago I decided to pick it up, I had completely forgot what the album even sounded like and I struggled to get through the entire album. The listener will be fooled by the intro and the opening track "The Horror" because they actually accomplished making an intro track that isn't unnecessary like even some legendary bands do. "The Horror" itself is a really good track, it has good riffs, it's catchy and it's actually memorable although a bit immature. After this track, everything goes downhill.

You are introduced to the biggest flaws on this album in the second track "Slaughtered Limb", yes that's right, all of them in one track! For starters, their playing is extremely sloppy. The instruments are often out of time, the guitarist will be moving on to the next riff and the drummer is still finishing the last section and vice versa. The thing I look most at while first listening to an album is the guitar work, I am a guitar junkie and well... this album just doesn't have anything spectacular and it's very flawed. The guitarist must have been only playing guitar for 8 or 9 months because he messes up in so many riffs and hey, everyone makes mistakes especially on a rough debut but this is just weak. The riffs have no energy and neither do any of the other instruments, it's just noticeable they're struggling to keep a beat/riff etc. so they don't have time to put energy into their playing. I could keep going on for this entire review about how sloppy this album is but I'm sure you get the point.

As much as the guitar work bothers me, it doesn't quite as much as the vocals. He was doing pretty good in the first track but I don't know what happens after that. First of all, all the vocal lines are extremely repetitive especially in the choruses causing the listener to skip each track quarter or half way through. Secondly, his voice is just annoying. He sounds like he's attempting to being a thrashy punk vocalist but most of the time it sounds like he's talking with some added 'power' for lack of a better word considering there's no power. There's no way to describe how annoyed you will get by his vocals by the second track so be aware if you're going to listen but I suggest you don't. Lastly, although this has to do with the production I'll still mention it; you'll notice in the songs on the later half of the album that he'll be "singing" a verse and his voice will suddenly fade away only to reappear and then fade away into nothingness again. I think that says enough about the production/mixing on this album.

I don't know what else to say. I wish I could somehow let you know how absolutely bad this is without making you listen to it but I can't. The best thing to do is avoid this album like it's herpes.

Bludwulf - Cryptic Revelations - 95%

mentalselfmutilation, July 14th, 2009

Nearly flawless metal punk! I first heard this about a 1 year ago and I have to admit, of all the albums to come out in 2007, hell even since then this is easily one of the most classic records I have come across. People always argue and complain about the lack of ingenuity that comes with your average metal band, claiming that most modern bands are not original, they obviously have not heard bludwulf.

With their roots planted firmly in horror/death punk and traditional metal styles, bludwulf has incorporated a sound very unlike any other band in this current day and age, and was easily one of the earliest bands to do so, especially in a way unlike even some of the other metal punk bands. Normally with the metal punk tag a band will mix the likes of motorhead and tank with the likes of discharge or doom, however bludwulf's style of metalpunk combines more influences that lean towards bands such as English Dogs or Black Uniforms with a very metallic undertone. It's very hard to describe their sound in any specific genre because I've yet to find a band that they are exactly similar to, even those bands have a far cry of difference to them than these Rochester punks.

With dual guitars containing solid rhythms and interesting lead fills, you know there is some decent musicianship among the band. Each song has its own separate atmosphere and definitely portrays the hard work in the making of this release. It's very hard to confuse which song is which because unlike most bands, every song has its own distinctive themes regarding horror, death, violence, and apocalypse without any two songs having much in similarity to them. This makes the entire album very enjoyable as you are not hearing the same thing over and over again. Bludwulf has not only developed their style but keep it fresh for each song there really isn't any filler during the album.

Mature songwriting, interesting styles, and something that isn't simply like most of the material you hear these days. Memorable songs such as "Nightbreed" "The Horror" "Full Metal Warrior" .... hell I don't believe there is a song on this album that you won't want to sing along to. Definitely one of the best albums released this half of the decade.

Amazing mixture of metal and punk! - 95%

Maron, April 12th, 2009

I got into Blüdwülf in 2007, after I heard about them in F.O.A.D. booklet. And boy, was I amazed!

Blüdwülf plays honest, real thrashing metal with a dose of punk. I don't believe that there are many bands that play this kind of music, but I think that's good, because this is not music for anyone. Cryptic Revelations is filled with with superb riffs, nothing outstanding, but enough to sold your soul to these guys. True thrashing armageddon! Every instrument is there to be heard, and production is good. Drumming is okay, reminds me of Venom, because Abbadon also wasn't an exception, he was there just to drum, you know what I mean. It's the attitude and will of this band to make metal interesting and violent what is really important. Back to the stone age!

We mentioned armageddon before? Yes, every minute of this release spreads post-apocalyptic aura. Atmosphere perfectly matches Mad Max flicks. Also, look at the image of the band. Crazy wolves of the wastes!

All hail global annihilation by nuclear weapons!