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Good for a laugh - 66%

SRX, June 1st, 2008

As you all might be aware of if you are looking at this page, that the main focus of this group is the vocalist, Waldo the parrot. This is their most recent made split, with the group Birdflesh.

Birdflesh sounds actually really intense on their side of the split. The vocal performance is pretty damn brutal. He does a wide range of low growls, vicious gutturals, hoarse shouts, killer shrieks, and even Circle of Dead Children like pig grunts. The vocals are at that perfect level in the mix, so you can hear them in all their extremity.

The instruments is pretty standard grindcore. The guitars are well executed grind riffs, in your face death metal riffs, and everything in between. The songs are short but the quickly played tremolo sprees do the job and does it well. There is even a riff in Pirate War that reminds me of Ozzy's Crazy Train. Not sure why but it was interesting to catch in my first listen through.

The drumming is nicely integrated. He does it all; the hyperblast beat assaults, the punkish patterns, and the standard metal driving beat. The double bass sounds perfect, it is in that comfortable range of "clicking" and "booming" if you get what I mean. I love the dinging of the cymbals too, which they use well in their side of the split.

The Hatebeak side quite different. The Thing That Should Not Beak starts with the sound of some guy answering his phone, then the band blasts on in. The riffs are actually pretty interesting. Many strong chord vamps, slick picking leads, and some random technical flair. The drumming is awesome grindcore blasting at breakneck speeds but doesn't really differentiate from that.

The vocals are of course Waldo dishing out some murderous deaths squawks. I have to say I laughed pretty hard when I first heard them. They are so intense yet you can't help but realize it is just a parrot squawking. I would say its a highlight just because they are actually integrated well. Gimmicky? Yes, but the music still stands alright on its own.

Overall though, while this split may provide some comic relief, the music is pretty standard grind. Its a rather short and cool grindcore experience that I would probably listen to sometimes. Only big fans of either band should really get this.