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KICKASS!!!!! - 95%

Decapitated22, August 22nd, 2006

Well man, they really hit the nail on the head with this one. While Benediction have always been a solid Death Metal band, they didn't really have a record that truly set them apart until right now. Grind Bastard is a thick slice of Death/Thrash that makes most of the Malevolent Creation copies look like shit.

They didn't experiment too much with this album, which, on this occasion, is a ood thing. Each songs follows a similar pattern but manages to not get boring. That is because each track has a catchy as hell main riff that will have your head goin in no time. Really, the main thing here is the riffs. Awesome. Solid. Heavy. Done.

Add to that a drummer who keeps it all movin with some driving fuckin beats that groove perfectly with a music and flawless production and you have one hell of a disc.

If you are a fan of Death or Thrash at all and you come across this, dont fuck yourself... BUY IT! you won't regret it.

As a sidenote, the vocalist really sounds like Barney Greenway.