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Absolute Aggression - 79%

DeathRiderDoom, March 15th, 2010

I’ll keep things pretty brief here, but this is actually quite a badass EP. It’s one of those ones you own for ages but always forget about, and kicks you in the teeth when it comes on. In the tradition of bands like Znowhite, Chastain, Malibu Barbi, Hawaii, this is aggressive, often fast, and ironically ballsy female-fronted heavy metal, with a focus on sweet riffs, heavy, smashing drums, sweat drenched attitude and shredding solos. A remarkable caliber release for a debut, and from a style somewhat more expected of North America than Germany, this little EP is recommendable, advisable and any number of further synonyms for “worth grabbing”. There’s a nasty, rough snaring edge to it, very thrash orientated riffage, and some of the more heavier drums you’e likely to hear out of 1987. All in all – this is very strong, kickass heavy metal.

While all tracks are pretty solid, the onslaught ‘Nuclear Death’ offers just about as much as any headbanger could want in a track, we have slow bits with menacing, skillfull riffs, shredding solos, and blitzkrieg moments with pounding double bass, topped with snarly, shouted commands from vocalist Tanja Ivenz. This thriller may just well top the album. ‘Knock Down the Door’ is perhaps just as good, with some evil opening riffs, and pounding double kick that remind of something out of Flotsam & Jetsam’s ‘Doomsday for the Deceiver’. Carrying on the evil tone here, we have brooding, metallic riffs which convey a strong sense of evil, interspliced with frequent eruptions in to pure thrash crossover style sections, where Ivenz shouts evil obscenities at the listener, with powery themes. Your opener is an aggressive stunner not to be messed with.

Very solid; all tracks are good, and this band is an absolute riff-machine, not to mention a rather garish display of drumming talent by Gerd "Turbo" Haußmann. If you like aggressive old school speed metal, then this will certainly be to your liking. This is one of those bands with almost too much talent – it’s exploding out everywhere, and molds into one heck of a speed/thrash debut. Lightning pace attacks are intersliced with massive headbang moments (intro to ‘Grave of the Unknown’) in an album with cool themes, great solos, awesome riffs, technical guitar talent. In vocalist Tanja Ivenz, the band may not a have a singer with a command of notes and soulful, vibrato mastery like Don Dokken but she does have a command of a little attribute called ‘tude. Anyway great album. Check it out.