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Amazing - 99%

Head_Shot, March 14th, 2007

Bathory, without a doubt, one of metal's greatest act's. I love to hear a band try new things, and I stumbled across Foreverdark Woods off of Nordland 1, I was blown away. I was into the early stuff like The Return..., and Under The Sign Of The Black Mark, so when I heard this it was astonishing.

First off, the opening Prelude is terrific, the use of the orchestra, and the drum beat's make you feel as though your entering Nordland. The track then segues into the title track Nordland, the chants and eventually the heavy riff's make the track a staple, while Quorthon does not have the best vocals in the world he delivers some bitching ones on Norland 1. On Vinterblot we see a style thats definetlly in the thrash vain, and Quorthon's vocals are at there mroe intense on the album.

Dragons Breath is another thrasher that you cant help but mosh to. Ring of Gold is all acoustic and Quorthon deliver's his best vocal delivery on this track, the song will remind you of something out of the Lord of the Rings books. Foreverdark Woods starts off with the sounds of a river trickling and a horse galloping, then segues into a bit played on the mandolin, eventually the guitars enter with a riff worth of praise. Broken Sword is a surprise in honesty, it enters with a nice acoustic passage then goes headfirst into a very speedy song that kicks your ass throught the entire duration. Tracks 8 & 9 are enjoyable, and are just as worth of the praise. Heimfard is the outro which is the sound of waves hitting the beach and seagulls crying.

The only reason the album escapes a full 100 is that at points on the album Quorthon's vocals seem to be very faded and hard to hear.