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Under-rated is the word - 87%

PK, May 11th, 2004

Quite a few positive words have been said about Bathory's Destroyer of Worlds. Almost every review I have read claims it to be, if not utter crap, at least a disappointment. I disagree.

The album is very diverse: there is epic viking metal (Lake of Fire, Pestilence etc.), aggressive and pissed-off death/thrash-tracks (Bleeding, Liberty & Justice etc.), some heavy metal (Krom, Sudden Death etc.) and something from inbetween (109, White Bones etc.). The diversity can be a real problem to listeners who expect an album to be a solid entirety, which this album is far from, not to mention listeners who, for example, like the viking Bathory, but can't stand the thrashing Bathory.

I personally have no problem with Bathory being "a multiheaded beast", as Quorthon has implied. Fact is that every head of the beast of Bathory exposed on this album breathes fire burning down nearly everything. In other words, there are no bad tracks, only from mediocre to masterly. All instruments are handled with professional accuracy and the production is sufficiently clear, rough and heavy - something one might expect from Bathory. The only small problems in the performance are in Quorthon's unsteady vocals. Mostly he sings well, but occasionally his voice does not seem to last or fit in.

In short, Destroyer of Worlds can be a real treat if you like the many sides of Bathory.

Highlights: Lake of Fire, Bleeding, White Bones