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Disappointing - 40%

Ayeka, October 21st, 2002

I remember waiting very patiently for this album to come out, and spending the last of the money I had on me when I saw it in a random major retailer shop (ain't seen it in a place like that since!). Frankly, it is rather uninspired and quite dull. Lake Of Fire and Destroyer Of Worlds have cool riffs, the former's being of almost magical quality, but both are too long and very repetitive. Death From Above and Krom are probably the best songs in terms of rockers but both are clumsy, and for thrash songs neither these two or any of the others thrash particularly well.

That's another funny thing about the album - for something supposed to be a mix of all Bathory styles, only Lake Of Fire and Ode hark back to Hammerheat-era (the Viking choir from Blood On Ice makes an identical reappearence here, but fails to save the album), and none of these songs resemble the earlier material, honestly (although I'd like to say I think the last two minutes of White Bones sound like old AOR). The typical Bathory production is here again but definately works against the album, turning mediocre songs into crap songs. It's one thing to be 'kvlt' and quite another to be 'krvp'...heck, they couldn't even put the songs in the right order on the back of the CD case!