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Sold Out - 85%

kimiwind, April 21st, 2012

Awakening Sun is a death metal band that strikes from the Lithuanian territories. Newly found group that unit 4 members fronted by the mastermind Ernestas Skripkunas the main composer of this band. Although without any introductions (Demo, EP..), the band steps in bold, releasing a full length album titled Sold Out. The album contains 10 tracks and joins many forms of Death metal (groove, melodic, brutal and technical), some thrash elements are found here as well. So now you got an idea about how this album sounds like, let's get to the gist and see what this band has to offer musicianship wise.

Alright, the music you will hear here is melodic death metal with a fusion of technical, groove and thrash, like I mentioned earlier. However, if you think this is any closer to the mainstream ''melodic death metal bands'' that use a lot of keyboards and clean vocals, then you are wrong and probably in the wrong place as well (if that's what you are looking for). This album is straight from hell and requires good ears to listen and tolerate such heavily structured music. Personally, when I first heard this album, two or three bands came right to my mind, I would include the Danish acts Illdisposed, Autumn Leaves, and early Mercenary, and maybe the Swedish Anata as well.

The song writing of this album is so solid, to an extent that made me wonder if this is their first effort. Every member in this group has his own distinct touch that elevated the quality of this release to a professional level. The vocals here are massive and furious, very impressive growls and deep toned voice. I also like this thrashy feeling in Ernestas’ tone, something that makes these slamming growls very unique. Some of the highlights of Ernestas show can be heard in the tracks Brutal War and Under Control. The chorus of the track Own Master is damn majestic, you will most probably like to burst your sick feelings and repeat after him in a very loud voice. Speaking of the voice, it meshes well with the guitars. The guitarist here makes this prominent effort adjusting the ruthless growls of Ernestas and delivering great memorable riffs in almost every song of the album. The riffs create this dark barbarous feeling and orientate the sound damn well. The opening riff in the track Own Master feels very exotic, well thought and crafted. There are also some great solos to mention, like in the opening track and near the end of No More Blood. The bass lines blend in well with the guitar riffs and turn the sound a lot more heavier and intense. The drums look good, our drummer introduces remarkable patterns throughout the album. The double bass work in Brutal War was completely amazing. The percussion was kind of impressive as well.

To wrap things up, this album is a real success for many reasons. Some of them are the good musicianship and the solid effort by each member of the band. Ah, not to forget the good production! Well honestly this wasn’t professionally produced but the thing is, you won't find any hassle listening to this output. In other words, the sound here is effectively clear. I would highly recommend this release for any fan of Death Metal, this was suprisignly good and I’m looking forward to hear more from these guys.

Standouts for your pleasure: Brutal War, Own Master, Blind Sheep, Whirl of Death.

Written for Encyclopaedia Metallum 21-04-2012
© Kimiwind