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Cant go wrong - 75%

PainMiseryDeath, October 29th, 2003

Atophia Red Sun put out interesting melodic death, heavily laced with synth/keyboards, not at all the type of keyboards you hear in other melodic death. Sometimes they keyboards create such wierd soundscapes that it doesnt seem to fit the song, but for the most part they are tolerable, sometimes very cool, almost epic. The intricate guitar parts flow from riff to riff, and there is little repitition on this entire album. The vocalist seems to have a bunch of different vocal styles, a harsh scream, a screeching growl, some clean vocals and even a whisper. Somtimes his voice reminds me of Jeff Walker from Carcass, but not really often enough. Most of his techniques are effective, adding to the music, but sometimes there will be electronics added to his voice, or a silly sounding whiney sort of a voice that almost reminds me of something marilyn manson would do (but that only happens once on the song Inspiration) and it doesnt do any justice. All in all this album is very unique, with good production and top notch musicianship and song structures, you cant go wrong.