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A single that shouldn't be ignored - 94%

SRX, June 10th, 2007

While Artillery's full lengths are no doubt their best, they have made some really good smaller EPs and Singles that seem to have been ignored because of the band's lack of popularity save the metal underground. Fortunately there are some of these rarities still out there. This Jester Single is a good example of these hidden treasures.

This two song Single release has a lot of substance to them. The first song Jester, is a straight up thrash punch to the face. Artillery still has plenty of Egyptian styles to play, as is apparent in this song. The main riff, along with the verse chorus riffs, all seem to play around the Egyptian scale, be it up it, down it, or a mixture of both. You get a real taste of it, and each one is executed with much technicality where it is really unpredictable where it is going to go next.

Flemming's vocals are quite like their other albums, it is like a speed metal vocalist where he really lets his voice soar over everything but at the same time, hinted with a thrash metal-like snarl. It is very unique sounding, harsh and melodic at the same time. The drumming is pretty standard, snare and crash pounding. It is just the way I like it. Also some double bass at key parts like the start of the song, to really get your blood pumping. My only complaint is that they sound a little dry in the song, not enough force to them overall but it isn't terrible. You can hardly hear the bass which is a shame because in their final full length, B.A.C.H, the production tips in the bass player's favor.

The Solos are somewhat forgettable unfortunately, just a pretty short duo shred session and it is done. The song ends a in a neat outro riff that is half mid paced strumming to a complex guitar lick.

The next song is Fly, a song that is very different from the previous song. It starts with an acoustic passage that is outlined with some scattered distorted guitar tones. Flemming puts some normal, more or less spoken lyrics in the verse. It then right hooks you into a powerful thrasher chorus where Flemming wails his heart out. The solos are very distorted and well played. There isn't any Egyptian sounding parts, very straight up thrash here. After is a thrash bridge that goes into the acoustic passage that rushes to a final chorus, then goes back into the acoustic passage again that ends the song.

Overall, a good album that any Artillery fan should listened to. As far as I know, these songs aren't on any other album so I suggest trying to find this single as soon as you can!