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Can it get any better? - 99%

danyates, October 26th, 2006

I'll cut to the important part here. This is, by far, the best debut album I have heard from any band from any genre. Arsis completely surprised everyone with this. From that insane intro to "The Face of my Innocence", to the tear-through-your-skin riffs in "Wholly Night", this entire album takes you on a ride you'll want to go on again and again.

The drumming on this album is perfect. Some death metal drummers tend to go blast beat crazy and annoy me. The drumming on this album is not obnoxious, yet it remains energetic, powerful, fast, and SUITABLE for the music. "Worship Depraved" has the best drumming on the album (check out that ending).

The riffs will tear you apart, most are usually fast at a high BPM following those insane drums that I mentioned earlier. With the screamed, typically high pitched vocals on top of the riffs and drums, it is like Arsis is pouring all of their hatred and emotion onto a plate.

The production is tolerable, but not as good as the other Arsis recordings, which is understandable due to this being their debut album.

For 2004, this is some insanely original stuff. If you're into Death, At the Gates, Kreator, Sodom, or basically ANY METAL, you will love this as much as I do. Possibly one of the greatest albums recorded.

Highlights: The Face of my Innocence, Worship Depraved, The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters, Return