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Beatiful & Brutal. - 99%

Rockburn, June 18th, 2004

Now that I have listened to the album consistently over the past few weeks I believe I am finally worthy of reviewing it. NOTE : I am fairly new to the world of Metal, but between you and me, Arsis has the potential to be my favorite band of all time. Or at least "A Celebration of Guilt" has the potential of being my favorite album of all time..

Forget every other Melodic Death album you have heard up to this point. Done? Go buy "A Celebration of Guilt." No joke, this album is by far the best Melodic Death I have heard from the genre, let alone from the United States. If you enjoy technical guitars and drums, you will greatly respect Arsis. Heavy, catchy, melodic riffs are the inspiration of the album. The brutal percussion are the backbone of the opus. If you are an experienced musician and you are familliar with Metal, or any peice of music that is known to be "good," Arsis will shock you. This is not a threat, but a promise.

The lyricism and vocals involved with this album are just short of great. Don't get me wrong, these vocals are good, but nothing amazing. I find this to be a good thing, the fact that Arsis doesnt have the most impressive vocals leaves room to improve and grow. Making them a better group, aesthetically. The lyricism I found to be greatly sincere and special for their genre. Albeit, a bit vulgar at times, which isnt a bad thing, just sometimes confuses the person listening.

Beautiful and Brutal are two words I would use to describe this album. Beautiful guitars, rhythm, and rarely lyricism. Brutal percussion and guitar fills. Do not hesistate a second longer to buy "A Celebration of Guilt." Especially if you have already heard the MP3's. Trust me, the album in it's entirety make the MP3's look childish and weak. Highly reccomended to any Metal fan.