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If Pirates of The Caribbean was made by the KKK - 99%

Manwaring, September 10th, 2004

...You would have this album.

Arghoslent play melodic-deathmetal in a way no one (to my knowledge) has done before. Their take on the genre calls for melodic riffing, as oppose to the gothenburgish melodic lead guitar of bands like Soilwork and In Flames. What this adds up to a much a fuller and mature death metal sound, while maintaining a strong sense of melody

The album kicks off the most amazing start with "Flogging The Cargo". The rifftage here slaughters that of 99.9% of metal. The composition is controlled, and the song writing quality, really giving you the feeling the band know what they're doing.This skillful level of composition also lends itself to the vocals, giving them almost a cocky feeling, which combined with the topical racism focused on early western imperialism, really adds to the atmosphere.

The next song is undoubtedly the best on the album. In this track Arghoslent put their riffcrafting skills toward creating a Bathory like epic, which kicks in perfectly with screams of "The fires burn" and "Carry my son this vision". Typical NS fair at first glance, but executed with class. What really ceases to amaze is the bands ability to never run out of decent riffs, their seems to be a total lack of filler here.

The production is a nice mix of clarity with a bit of dirt to my ears. The drums are compressed but still sound organic. The guitars are crunchy, with a rather overall low EQ, which functions well. Making sure that the line between the rhythm guitar and lead guitars often intentionally blur, making the songs feel less fragmented.

The rest of the album follows on nicely from the first two tracks, which are definitely the strongest.However, the quality with this album doesn't seem to let up, and you can hear it on songs like Quelling The Simian Urge. The best way to describe the atmoshpere on this album is that of a racist pirates of the Caribbean. Where Johnny Depp is some kind of Skinhead with a guitar. The riffs really do perfectly sum up the tropical atmosphere.

Ultimately an awesome album, definitely worth a purchase from both black-metal and death-metal fans.