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100 Minutes Of Blasphemy - 85%

BluesForSkyValley, March 26th, 2012

Archgoat's "The Aeon of the Angelslaying Darkness" is a two-disc compilation. The first disc consists of old demos, EPs, and unreleased material as well as a few songs from their most recent albums. The second disc consists of various live recordings. This is an essential release for any huge Archgoat fan who wants some older and harder-to-find material, or a new fan who wants a huge introduction. It's also a great excuse to listen to almost 100 minutes of filthy black metal aggression.

Archgoat's style is pretty straight-forward, no bullshit blackened death metal with a thick, heavy guitar tone, aggressive drumming, snarling, nasty vocals, and lyrics about Satan and private parts that could not possibly be more cliche. There's not much more to it than that, and it's exactly what's to be found here. As far as production is concerned, you can't really expect much. It's underground black metal, so it's raw, primitive, especially on the earlier tracks and the live tracks. Unless you're a production freak, this shouldn't matter in the slightest.

The album's best feature is also its greatest flaw - the length. If you want to listen to over an hour and half of demented blackened riffage, this is the most perfect thing you can ask for. However, if you're not in the right mood, you may put it on and find it to be rather monotonous. It's a good album for either an extended listening period of black metal, or for a relaxing afternoon eating pretzels and reading Lovecraft, just letting the madness wash over you and consume your soul. There are a number of repeat songs on there (Black Messiah, Death and Necromancy, Rise of the Black Moon and Jesus Spawn all appear a grand total of three times) but all are good and sound slightly different from each.

In conclusion, it's 100 minutes of tasty-as-fuck black metal. You really can't go wrong here. Recommended.