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Melodic Metal - 75%

Axis_Corpsefucker, September 14th, 2005

Clean, fast-paced, melodic Gothenburg metal. Now what the fuck happened to the Amott brothers and Fredrik Nordstrom? Did Satan, being sick of their gayass lyrics, give them a visit and slap them in their heads with his dick or something? Did the Amott brothers just all the sudden forgot how to write songs and Nordstrom how to produce? Or maybe it was all that dicksucking they got from Japan, it really got to their heads.

The production is ok. Its very clean for death metal, but it lacks that brutality and power and punch that the previous two albums had. It’s a lot cleaner, and the “wall of sound” that presided over the past albums is almost just gone. The brothers still know how to write kickass riffs and moments where you want to just break your bitch’s neck, but… what the fuck? Where did the power go? Where did all the brutality go? There is just too much emphasis on the Maiden worship twin leads and clean melody. I mean, I’m still happy that they don’t go extremely gay in the chorus like all the other Gothenburg bands do, but they’re really just dancing on that line. Johan Liiva’s monotonous vocals are still there, except for his spoken word moment he has on “The Seed of Hate”, which is too pussy for my standards, but he has a shining moment in “Angel Claw” where he growls in the way he does for Nonexst, making an illusion that there are two vocalists. New bassist Sharlee D’Angelo joins but like Daniel Erlandsson’s drumming, yet again, doesn’t make any remarkable impact.

The songs are varied, but mostly follows the standard verse-chorus-verse formula. There are moments where its thrashy as fuck and you just want to run around raping all your neighbor’s dogs, but there are other moments that are just like cuddling…”um…uh, how long do we have to do this? Could we just get to the fucken point and fuck?” For example, the verses in “Pilgrim” is boring as hell and I’d rather roll around in a pile of horse manure rather than listen to the longass boring piece of shit they call an outro for “Dead Inside”. But they have some shining moments, like the verses for “Demonic Science” where it makes you just want to jack off into a rotting corpse but the chorus unfortunately does not deliver, and the groovy chorus for “Seed of Hate” will rape you.

All in all I’m just puzzled and confused. I know they have talent and I know these guys are capable of producing some mean fucken metal, but what the fuck? After this album, vocalist Johan Liiva was fired because according to the Enemies they wanted a person with more “attitude”. Was it all a ploy to get Angela in? I mean this album is unusually “soft” for death metal and compared to their earlier albums, its just really pussy. I mean the lyrics are even gayer than they ever were. Did all that fame in Japan get to them? Did they just want to broaden their fan base by going soft and getting a chick singer? We’ll never probably know, but they’re just probably another casualty to that smelling piece of shit called money.

THE GAY SONG: Burning Bridges (This has to be the gayest song ever created)
LYRICS: Gayer than usual
PRODUCTION: Clean, well-rounded production but lacks the power of previous albums
PACKAGING: A random statue is on the cover and the booklet is all white, going soft?
OVERALL: Better than other fagothenburg bands, but its foreshadowing their later releases