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Park it, Park it...PARK THAT TRUCK! - 77%

overkill67, December 28th, 2004

These guys are one band that has not changed in the 29 years that they've been around for. Its very simple with Anvil, you either get it, or you don't. Well I most certainly do, and I must say that this band is a combination of so many different ingredients its almost impossible to accurately categorize the genetic makeup of this album. Thrash, meets NWOBH, meets Humor, meets Neil Pert's drumming. This album is much like any other Anvil recording in the sense that the consistency of the album is very much up and down. Some songs are kick ass speed metal like the title track Speed of Sound, or the politicaly incorrect thrasher Park That Truck(which happens to be the best song on this disc...check out that fucking guitar sound, WOW) and then some songs are sorta layed back with a nice crunchy groove such as Blood in The Palyground, Live To Lead or Bullshit. Lastly you have that goofy side to Anvil, that for whatever reason seems to be included onto every disc, and this one is no different. On this particular album the two goofy sexist songs are Man Overbroad(skin boat to tuna gotta be fuckin' kidding me.), or the ridiculous Matress Mambo.
Regarless of the silly shit though, this album is quite good and it is a true heavy metal record in every sense of the word. My favorite thing about any Anvil release is listening to some of the drum work by the disgustingly underated Robb Reiner. Robbo's drumming on No Evil is fucking ridiculous and those blast beat sections are practically uncountable in terms of BPM's.
The man is a total fuckin' menace on a drum kit. Lips and Ivan's guitar work is pretty decent, nothing spectacular but hey, at least there's lots of guitar solos and that should at least count for something. If your searching for a killer Anvil guitar solo orientated album then check out Worth the Weight.
Glenn's bass lines are fairly decent, but its hard to take notice to anything except for the drumming and the riffs since thats all I really look for in an Anvil release anyway.
Overall very decent album and Park That Truck is one of the best songs they've ever written, EVER!