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Nobody Knows Anything - 85%

darkreif, June 14th, 2007

Anthrax has had a tough time the last few years. Their change from thrash metal to a more straightforward plain metal sound hasn't gone over well with fans of Anthrax. Fans of Anthrax have been divided with Joey supporters and John supporters. It's been a tough time for Anthrax and this long awaited
album needed to come eventually. What we all received was We've Come For You All, an eclectic mix of the newer

Anthrax sound and a more aggressive approach to the music. Where the other John Bush era albums fail, We've Come For You All picks up the slack and gives us the best Bush era album.

The guitar work has increased in aggressiveness and complexity and rather than focusing solely on heavy riffs, this album takes that sound and adds a bit more complexity and interplay between the guitars. The riffs are still heavy and the slight distortion is still present but there are more leads and solos present on the album as a whole. There are some interesting guitar tones they use on the album (including some that sound relatively industrial) so expect a mix of guitar styles overall. There are some great melodic (sometimes acoustic) passages too - including the intro to "Any Place But Here" that give the album something for everyone. None of it is too spectacular in the guitar area but none of it is bad either. A lot of catchy guitar work that I'm sure works very well in a live setting. It helps that Dimebag Darrel (of Pantera fame) contributes a few guitar parts (including some amazing solos) to the record to help them out.

The bass parts play a kind of ghost role on the album. They disappear and reappear at times. For most of the faster pace songs the bass lines completely meld in with the guitars or drums but at other times it's a main focus point for the song as a whole. "Black Dahlia" has a massive bass guitar part on it that, had this been used the entire album, would have made the album soun VERY modern.

The drum parts on We've Come For You All represent some of the best variety in an album I've heard. There are blast beats ("Black Dahlia") to progressive lines ("Nobody Knows Anything") and pretty much everything in between. This is a controversial topic because of his massive variety. I found the drums to be one of my favorite parts of the album and are something you can listen to over and over again.

John Bush delivers a massive album on his part. His vocals, although not very thrash, do fit very well with the music. Whether you love the man or hate him he presents damn catchy vocal melodies on this album. More sing a long material than anything but it helps when he has help from a lot of vocal layering and some great back up vocals from the band. Some of the distortions on his voice get a tad annoying and I'm still not sure what is being said on the track "Crash"...overall I really like the vocals though.

This album is not for everyone. This is a very modern approach to metal. This is not the Anthrax from 1986 and they haven't been since 1993. Personally this is the best the band has given us since Joey was fired and I'm not going to complain about it. We've Come For You All is one of the best albums Anthrax has done in a long time.

Songs to check out: What Doesn't Die, Superhero, Nobody Knows Anything.