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bad fuckin' ep - penikufdab - 20%

schwaba, April 21st, 2009

Safe home (edit version) is third version of the same song, (it has also an acoustic version, and that one is worst of all) and every version of this song is mellow, uninspired, boring, going nowhere, typical Anthrax radio friendly song from 90’s, but from the Bush comment on live album (Music of mass destruction) they wrote it with passion, strong passion, but passion is hard to be found here, and lyrics are inspired with love (just pure crap), not typical Anthrax motive for lyrics. And this version is cardinal proof that is made for radio in first place, because is edited for whole minute just to suite for radio. John Bush sings on this song (and album) so uninspired, no strength in his voice, just job to be done anyway (but still betere than previous albums), and chorus is worse part of this song. Since first hearing the album, I always use skip button for this song.

For Grunt and click, this song sure could make it on Stomp 442 album, song begins very slow, and Bush sings with effects on his vocals, but after one minute song finally starts going somewhere, and it is true representative of Stomp 442 album, as it’s too repetitive, and at the end of song, last 2 minutes becomes really annoying, and you wouldn’t wish to listen it again, after all.

Dethroned emperor is best cover song of this EP, as it is still metal song, It is classic from old days, other songs are just rock/punk oriented. Celebrated summer is very annoying song and here starts often use of skip button, nothing in this song is good, vocals are bad, just throw away cover song. Watching you is better than previous one but still you question why they even bother to cover this song and then recorder it, it would be better if they spent more time on their own songs in studio. Auf wiedersehen is similar to two previous songs, nothing special, its sounds like farewell concert song, in which on all languages band thanks the audience - very bad. As Cowboy song is very funny because of the lyrics, in this lame period for Anthrax, Bush sings I’m just a cowboy… only what is close to this is James Hetfield o Loar/Reload. London is decent Smiths cover, but nothing special, in the past (before SOWN) this band can put something own in covers, to put mark of Anthrax, but now they just play songs.

These EP would be far better for me if they put together all that rare studio tracks as Grunt and click (Stomp 442), the Ghost (WCFYA), then Noisegate and Poison my eyes from SOWN, along with Giving the horns from Vol. 8 album, in one place. I’ve lost interest for cover song from Anthrax since John Bush came in the band, just poor selection of bands and songs along with bad execution, you’ll have no desire to listen this cd again. In the end it worth just a few points for package, as it came 2 for 1. It has also a booklet, in which the band thanks fans for their support on recent tour from every band member. And artwork is awful as usual in this (WCFYA) period. Total opposite EP from Penikufesin or Attack of killer B’s which classic Anthrax EPs are.