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Yes Joey's Gone, this is still goddamn good! - 84%

Demon_of_the_Fall, October 3rd, 2003

Some people just don't understand, bands don't like repeating themselfs, and when it came to writing a proceeder to their highly acclaimed thrashy Persistence of Time album they had to evolve. The Sound of White Noise is still fast and aggressive just as Persistence was, but the riffs have indeed changed and the album is more based around bush's outstanding, unique vocals this time around. Very catchy metal is what this really is, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sound starts off with Potters Field and displays plenty of cool grooves from the band and awesome vokills by Bush. Since his departure from Armored Saint his voice really hasn't changed much, but this album he really shows what he's made off. Spitz is still in the band here which is possibly why this turned out so well. Dan Spitz departed after this album unfortunatly and left Ian and Benante the guitar slot. The Sound of White Noise is weirdly enough my favorite Thrax album, because it was the first one I ever listened to and it holds good memories. Not only that but I tend to listen to it alot more than the rest of their albums. I find it alot more approachable, and easier to get into than say Spreading the Disease or Among the Living. This is a close tie with Persistence because that was also another amazing album by this respected band. The thing I absolutally love about this album is that it has alot of variation in it. Theres Mellow tracks like Black Lodge but theres also heavy motherfuckers like Packaged Rebellion. It has it all and i fail to see why people dont like this as much as some of their previous efforts. Is it because of Bush? Because if thats the case what if this wasn't under the Anthrax name and lets just say Anthrax disbanded after Joey left and named their "new" band Nipplefuck. I sure that if this was the case and they made this new band I speak of, people would love this album by Nipplefuck. My point has been made, and in conclution, all thrax fans should love this album to peices, because this is a classic in my mind. Oh yeah and the production is pretty fucking good as well.
Go get this now Men and Women.

Best Tracks: Potters Field, Only, Room for One More, Packaged Rebellion, Hy Pro Glo, Invincible, Black Lodge, Burst