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Not even for die-hard fans!!! - 10%

schwaba, April 20th, 2009

I bought this cd because I read somewhere that has cool booklet, with comments from Scott Ian about every song and also some rare songs. But my re-released 2006 version has nothing of that, in store they didn’t let me to open cd box to see the booklet and whole package, so I’d to trust them in this case and I was fooled.

Why every Anthrax compilation has to have songs Bring the noise and I’m the man, it's so pathetic, it gets boring after second listening, after all it's nothing special in these songs. But they are on every compilation, so it seems that Anthrax is very proud what they did with these songs. For me, I’m the man song (original version) is better than Bring the noise, but in this edited ’91 version song just sucks. It was for me fun to listen these songs for first time, just to check the lyrics but with time they loose every bit of purpose. Now I just use skip button (on every release).

As Only was one of better songs from SOWN album and whole Bush period, it has very catchy chorus, but this isn’t case with Room for one more song, for me SOWN album has better songs to offer for best of album, this one for me is pure boring song, nothing interesting.

I don't know why did Charlie start with these remixes of Anthrax songs, it doesn’t bring any new life in them, they are just more mediocre, more annoying, especially Potters field. All Anthrax releases from this period are full of Charlie’s boring remixes, what a hobby, demolishing your own songs, bring them to pieces.

Ball of confusion is ok cover song, one and only song with Bush and Belladonna together doing vocals, so it's worth something after all, for me the only song why this cd is worth of buying. Other cover songs (Antisocial and Got the time) presenting their albums, so it’s funny to me that there are no other songs from that 2 very good albums, sadly.

Crush and Inside out are good choices from Vol.8 album, as Fueled is obvious song choice from Stomp 442 album, but real story as always starts with old stuff from track 10, to me it seems that all old songs are re-mastered (there are no notice of re-mastering in my booklet), so they sound better than original version from albums. I’ll not comment that songs as they are classics, one of best songs in history of thrash metal (but that albums are so badly represented here).

This isn't good best of album, as selection of songs is very bad, nothing at all from first album, as other classic albums are represented just by one or two songs. Only what is worth here is song Ball of confusion and better sound on pre-Bush period songs. Not even for die-hard fans.

Not the best best of! - 75%

PowerMetalGuardian, February 25th, 2003

Why the hell would you come out with three best of's in a row? It honestly amazes me! So the big story, or so I have heard, around this album was, which songs are going to be on it? To decide this the band threw all there songs into a hat and Scott pulled out the names of the songs that go on there. Musically, the songs are all the same on the originals, what makes this album unworthy in some areas and great in others is the way the songs are displayed. One thing that can automatically go wrong with a compilation album is to put all new stuff on it. Hat my ass Scott, why the hell are there eight new songs in the beginning? First off they open up with Bring the Noise, which probably was never a good idea of making in the first place. Then until track ten, we have all the new stuff with Bush singing. I have nothing against him, but most of these songs are shitty ones I have never heard of. Some of them even sound punkish! The only two songs worth mentioing from the Bush area is Only and Inside Out. Then we start to get better with the old thrash days. Among the Living, Indiands, Antisocial, Madhouse, I am the Law; all classic thrash songs that are probably worth being on this album. And of course what Anthrax album would not be complete without some kind of version of I'm the Man? Of course on this version all the swear words are blooped out. Yes blooped out, with some weird wistley noise. Overall this cd has some great songs and some really shitty ones. A compilation of Anthrax songs, but definently not a best of!!!