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One of the best late eighties EP’s - 90%

morbert, August 18th, 2009

Second half of the nineties, a lot of thrash metal acts were releasing EP’s around this time. Most filled with obscure versions of songs, covers, live versions, all that kind of stuff. Penikufesin is one of the best EP’s from that era, coming from a thrash metal act.

Let’s start with the worst then. The only failed experiment here. The alleged French version of ‘Antisocial’. I do know the original, which has it’s own specific charm with even an early eighties ‘industrial’ punk touch and of course, sung in French with a punk sneer.
Anthrax’ ‘State Of Euphoria’ version emphasised on everything ‘metal’ about the song, trimming it, tightening it. A lot of obvious differences between both versions and both worked perfectly the way they were. However, on this Penikufesin-version (only the vocals were re-done, the instrumental State Of Euphoria version was used) Trust vocalist Bernie Bonvoisin sings along, in French, and Joey Belladonna has trouble pronouncing and more important, keeping up. The idea was nice but the performance really lacking and sloppy.

Friggin’ In The Riggin’ is nicely done. Anthrax managed to make the song sound more metal, only due to the production and heavy guitars obviously but without losing the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the original. They did this by singing all together. And yes, the song is funny. And Anthrax were good at being funny.

‘Parasite’ is amazing. Obviously the production here is much better and more clear than the original 1974 Kiss version but the performance here is energetic and especially Joey Belladonna does a marvellous job on vocals. This song really suits him. Speaking of performance, the swing and ease with which the band works its way through ‘Sects’ is undeniably superb. Once again Anthrax prove to have top musicians in their midst. They also manage to create surf-metal by covering the Ventures song ‘Pipeline’. Funny that M.O.D. had a go at surf as well only a few months earlier. And once again, Anthrax made it work.

The brilliance here is that Anthrax shovels up a mixed bag of bands and influences and make it work. Making it sound logical and cohesive. The production, performance and especially the understanding and feeling of the original music which they needed to create their own interpretation, all fall into place here. Possibly unconsciously but successful nevertheless.

Nice Fuckin' EP - 90%

schwaba, April 28th, 2009

Nice fuckin' EP indeed, one of my favorite EP's at all, I bought this vinyl long time a go, of course 3 tracks from here can be found on compilation/EP Attack of the killers b's but here are also some other good stuff – Antisocial (French version) and Friggin’ in the riggin’.

This EP starts with song Now it's dark from State of Euphoria album, for me that is worst Belladonna period album, and for me it's a bit boring, to repetitive, and truly Belladonna doesn't sings here with balls and attitude, as riffs are nothing special. I believe that this album has a syndrome of losing good ideas after 3 very good albums, in fact Scott Ian has said that only regret that he has for Anthrax albums is SoE, because they didn't spent enough time in studio for this album and that can be heard, although this album is far better then rest of Bush period album.

But when covers starts, that's all different story, Antisocial (French version) is good and amusing, for me maybe even better than English version of the song, although the chorus is in English also, it has speed, attitude, it is better than most songs on SoE, and it has become bigger hit than the rest of the album, except for me the amazing Be all, end all.

True nature of good Anthrax cover songs, show song Friggin' in the riggin', it's very good, funny (some are hilarious), it has speed, attitude, and in this case all band members sings also. This can be said for the rest of the songs also, Parasite, Sects and Pipeline are just good choices and well done, nothing to complain, nothing like Bush period cover songs.

So this is one of best EP's ever, something like Garage days re-revisited from Metallica. You just sit and listen, fantastic executed songs, recommended when you feel a little bit down, it's worth of the money – 90 points.