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Ok, I'll Take It - 56%

Metal_Thrasher90, November 10th, 2007

So we got here one charming visual complilation of the Belladonna years. No promo-clip seems to be missing on this DVD, unlike some other lazy video releases from other bands, which always miss one, two or a thousand ones intentionally, usually due to distinct record label rights and shit, something pretty irritating. Am I the only one who's still waiting for Van Halen’s Video Hits Vol.2, supposed to recover the bunch of missing Diamond Dave era clips Vol.1 unashamedly ignored? Besides, this one's main feature is a little longer than just a brief hour, so hah, rejoice inquisitive fans!

The DVD features almost all clips from Joey Belladonna’s era, plus some few highlights live from U.S. Speed Metal Attack, N.F.V. (Oidivnikufesin) and Through Time lost and forgotten home videos, to this day unreleased in this compelling format (except for some bootleg or infamous deluxe edition bonus), so we even have to be grateful. As for the videos, what to say? Yeah, they’re funny and done enthusiastically - think of “Madhouse” with the band themselves, friends, family and music press acquaintances having a ball, kinda stoned (those who don't laugh watching it may rot in Hell), the blasphemous, yet appealing “Bring Tha Noize” cover with Public Enemy themselves or “Indians”, with Joey going over-the-top (tight pants taking their toll?). Unfortunately, a typical habit in promo-videos like these is cutting the original song blatantly or sticking in some single, edited mostly incoherent shorter version, which is often the case here.

Extras include the “Madhouse” MTV version (anybody notice any difference?), a live montage of “I’m The Man” from the recurrent Through Time set-list again, plus a cool personal playlist option to avoid those cuts you hate, and an extensive, vacuous band commentary on every video. This extra in particular would have been too cool and brutally interesting, if they were exhaustive enough to included subtitles in some languages - non-English speakers like the author here will suffer.

Regardless of the occasionally dull, karaoke miming story plots on the clips, the stupidly edited shortest song versions, and the laziness from Island Records producers to include more live videos here, this DVD might satisfy we, the 'thrax fans, providing us more than an hour of old school nostalgia entertainment. Bush era fans had better stay away, most definitely. And you're right, “Antisocial” is fucking missing for some unknown reason. Why, why.