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Interesting, but not so much in a good way - 48%

GuardAwakening, January 26th, 2013

Annotations of an Autopsy was a band that had my eye back in 2009, where I had an extensive love for Whitechapel and taking note of the band's graphic lyrics on their incredibly outstanding The Somatic Defilement effort, I was recommended this band by a friend one day after my talk of Whitechapel's lyrics had him open up with this recommendation with Annotations of an Autopsy. Noting lyrics such as "she bled from every fucking hole"…… that was only the beginning of my said journey into my look into this band at the time.

While their lyrics can be noted for their unnecessary gory nature, the music itself may be found interesting in some senses, but barely in the same level that their lyrics could be played in. Annotations of an Autopsy (I'll say this bluntly) isn't that great of a band, and I'll explain why. While the band's EP seems to have the whole bangload of the Myspace Metal craze of 2005—2008 with pig squeals and breakdowns just about everywhere, this album takes it a bit different. It sounds like someone took Despised Icon and Waking the Cadaver and mashed them up into one ugly hybrid. The biggest lowlights tend to lie in the album's tacky obviously triggered drumming (that are coupled with cheap samples to match) and slimy vocals that alternate between exahles and inhales. However, some of the pros lie things such as the band's riffs which range from a variety of slams, to"evil" sound tremolos and melody they incorporate on some songs such as the song "The Childsnatcher" which bring the listener at ease from much of the heavy tracks, mainly to sustain them from emitting the album in their mind as a blare of noise.

There are a fair amount of "why the fuck did they even do that" moments too. The very first one takes place within even a minute of hearing this record. I'm going to come out with this straight; this album actually has an intro track ("Rise of the Leviathan") that doesn't fit at all in proceeding track ("Keeper of the Plaguelands"). It literally is melody throughout the first track and then a really long scream with blaring riffs at the beginning of the second. It makes absolutely no sense. I even checked to make sure the time lengths on "Rise of the Leviathan" and "Keeper of the Plaguelands" were correct to make sure my download of the album didn't have one of those songs cutshort or if they were even ordered correctly… aren't intros supposed to like blend in with the first actual song? Well whatever, it was a really stupid waste of time in my opinion.

Basically most of the album follows throughout with a formula of slam riffs, and usually one or two breakdowns included before a song's climax. However, the band's need for repetition and Steve Regan's mannerisms usually spoil the fun.