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Horror punk and metal, nice - 70%

EvinJelin, July 6th, 2014

After the oh so hard to describe and review Loretta, here's a review about a much more simplistic other female band from the early 90s. By simplistic, I don't mean boring, I mean a band that you can have a clear opinion about. The opinion I have on Anghell is that, well…if you consider that horror metal exists (and I don't even need to say "if you're into that genre", because I guess that if you acknowledge its existence, you're obviously deeply into it), you'll love that. No doubt about it, 'cause Anghell is 100% true to the horror tradition.

Just look how they dress. Just listen to their name, a portmanteau of angel and hell which is great on paper, but in practice is nearly unpronounceable. They're that band you've seen playing at an Halloween party in some horror movie, you didn't know they really existed, you didn't even imagine they played at many other occasions and that they had an official recording.

But music, or should I say musical universe, is more important that just image, so I'll talk about that too. I've found many ways to analyze this and… I'll try to make it short. Anghell is a punk band in a metal coating. They're not trying to be technical or smart, they're just all about having fun. And they have fun with their little twisted fantasies about fallen angels and sort of "weird girl rants about the mainstream society in her own weird vocabulary" lyrics.

Have I mentioned Jack Off Jill was one of my favorite bands ? Those were also an all-female punk-goth band from the 90s, with a somewhat amateurish but still memorable music and very weird girl ranting about society in her own weird vocabulary lyrics. I bring them up because Anghell is on so many ways their metal version. Really, as I said earlier, punk in a metal coating. Their music is jumpy, fun, snarky and in your face at the same time, and has typical punk beats and riffs, but played heavier.

It's much more about the mood than the musicality, but that's their strength. Despite not the best, or the most original in the way most people understand that term, the music is actually pretty good! Anghell are charmingly in their own world. When they think you listen too much to the sell-out radio, they say you're spoon fed, in what's probably their most enjoyably energetic track. But it's not just an adrenaline-sending song, it also includes very quotable lyrics, like "I keep hearing the same song, twenty times in a row, what the hell is wrong?". Anghell is also 100% going with the weird female rock band esthetic, and that's their unique appeal in general. You like weird girl bands, you like weird mowed of metal with other genres, you hate the radio, you'll love this! A band that really deserves attention.