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Wrath, hate, pain and death! - 98%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 21st, 2004

This album is a great follow up to Once Sent from the golden hall and equally matches it, and at times excells above it. From the first track this album is great, there is no break in the consistency. This album is not quite as fast and heavy as the last. It does seems to have more emotion that than last. The guitars are great, heavy, fast, and full of amazing riffs. The drums are heavy and give the music some nice volume along with the bass, and Johan Hegg's vocals are the best here.

Here is what I think of a few of the best tracks on this release.

Bleed For Ancient Gods is by far the best song on this album, its the most intense, and has the best chorus. I also think the best riff is found on this album. Aside from the Avenger its the heaviest of the album.

The Last With Pagan Blood is a long "ballad". Johan's Vocals sound the most emotional on this track. The guitars here have a nice elogated riff while Johan yells out about the dying pagans.

Avenger is a long song, which progress as the song nears its end. This one is also quite emotional sound. It sounds as if a viking or norsemen singing this track, and not Johan. The guitars progressivly get more and more intense. One of the slower songs on the album.

Metalwrath, this song just pulls you right it with a heavy and brutal opening riff and vocals. This is great anthem for the metal way of life, or the way of the steal, warriors, metal, whichever you like and interperit. This is the fastest and heavier track on the album.

These 4 tracks are the best, they are all pretty different from eachother. Diversity is a great thing this album has going for it. From slower "ballads" to faster anthems to songs about norse life/mythology this album offers alot. Aside from Versus the world is the least heavy and brutal, but I think it has a mixture of all the albums on this one. Some fast heavy brutal songs, and some slow ones. This is a must for death metal fans. Its a pretty flawless album, whish it had a few more tracks though.