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Just perfect! - 95%

MananDedhia, March 17th, 2012

There aren't many albums you can say with all the confidence in the world that are perfect. No flaws in them and the only shortcoming being the listener's subjective taste. On the musical front, this album has no peers and has no faults.

Vishal J Singh has somehow managed to conjure up all the best bits from his favourite genres of jazz, flamenco, classical, death metal, and djent and tool into a sonic maelstrom. It's concept album loosely based on The Matrix with narration of the story done by Chela Rhea Harper and is done well.

As for the tracks themselves, all the tracks are a must listen, chief among them being "Osiris I", "Decoded: Karnosiris", and "Polymorphic Infection : Release". Crushing riffs, electronic sounds, and beautiful flamenco solos are all punctuated by the sheer skill and savagery of the drums with duties on the skins being handled by Mr. Jim Richman a.k.a. Drumblast. His drumming is the stuff legends are made of, unbelievably good, unconventional, and always perfect for the groove. Production values are top notch too, which is a must for progressive metal albums of today.

In so many words, it is difficult to imagine and describe how Vishal Singh managed to come up with this masterpiece and is impossible to not have this album in your collection. Go get your copy now. It is that good.