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Tales Out Of Time - 12%

Morbidian, March 29th, 2006

''Alogia'' is from my country, so I'll be objective as possible I could.
First of all, I must say, that this record has nothing to do with metal genre, not with power, not with progressive. This is rock album, with very silly and shallow lyrics, that rather suit some boy band than rock or metal group.
There are 15 songs on the album, which are sunged by three singers, who's voices are too weak for metal, and Nikola Mijic's voice is too mediocre, and if band want progress they got to change singer, especially that Mijic is now only and permanent singer. Sad.
Song have somekind interesting structures, but there's a lack of originality and tension in tunes. Everything is predictable, production is too soft and material is boring, even if we take the fact that the Brankovic brothers are good technicians on guitars, but there is so much that missing to call their songs good. There is also a cover song of ''Pretty Maids'' classic - ''A Place In The Night'', which is translated here on serbian and named as ''Secanje Na Slike Iz Sna'', which had some catchy riffs and refrain, but it's nothing special.
Anyway, whole record suffer's from boredom and slizzy melodies with annoying lyrics and pussywhipped vocals that mainly ruining the record's atmosphere. Even if this is debut issue, it's pretty weak for musical experience of Brankovic brothers. Only thing that have made me to give rating of 12 to this record are drums. That's only thing that is worthy enuff on this album, for that rating. Everything else, sucks!