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Poor start for a great band - 54%

Primate, November 14th, 2012

By 1989 Alice in Chains had become one of the first of the "Big Four" Seattle grunge groups to get singed to a major label. Before the release of their 1990 debut album Facelift on Columbia Records, Alice in Chains issued this Promotional EP on Vinyl and Cassette. It features two tracks from said album; "We Die Young" and "It Ain't Like That" along with the song "Killing Yourself" which is only available on this EP.

The title track is quite possibly the heaviest song this band has ever recorded, the song is almost thrash/groove metal like, with some awesome riffs from Cantrell and the typical virtuoso-like vocals one would expect from the late great Layne Staley. The song is just an all-round' great heavy metal anthem.

The other tracks on this album unfortunately offer little, even to the hardcore completist fans out there.

"It Ain't Like That" is one of the weakest songs from Facelift. It features forgettable lyrics, boring riffs and is really just one of those dull album filler type of songs. The same can be said for "Killing Yourself" which sounds like a leftover track from one of Alice N' Chains old glam metal demos. Killing Yourself is only available on this album and a few other demos/bootlegs surfacing out there, however it doesn't matter since it's rubbish.

It's near impossible to find physical copies of this album (there are some copies floating around on ebay for about 100 dollars), so if you're a hardcore fan who's desperate to own everything then I'd recommend to just download this EP for free wherever it pops up on the internet. For the casual listener there's really no point owning this album. It pains me to give a great band like Alice in Chains such a low score.

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