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An experiment gone slightly wrong - 62%

TommyA, February 1st, 2007

After four amazing releases (three full-lengths and one EP), I was positive that After Forever can never fail to impress me. However, I was proven wrong after a year with the release of "Remagine"; an album undermining Floor's singing talent and the band's potential of creating wonderful, heavy music.

The sound on "Remagine" differs a lot from your typical After Forever music. Here, instead of gothic metal, we're presented with a blend of industrial and progressive metal. Guitars are much heavier than on "Invisible Circles" and keyboards take a turn to the electronic side. I know it sounds pretty good, but it just doesn't work. Songs tend to sound a lot alike and the music tends to get a bit poppy sometimes (particularly in a few intros).

Floor's vocals are also different here. Although she impressed me in a few songs, she's not as great as she was on "Invisible Circles". On "Attendance" and "Forever" she manages to sing with emotion, yet she fails to do so in the other ten tracks of the album. On the other hand, Sander still manages to sing with the same power as he did on "Invisible Circles". In songs like "Living Shields" and "No Control" his growls are astounding. Even the clean male vocals deliver the same emotion as on "Invisible Circles". It's just Floor who disappointed me a bit. However, it's not entirely her fault, since the bland and repetitive lyrics make it hard for her to sing with any kind of emotion.

The choirs here are also reduced. If I remember correctly, they are only heard on "Come", "Living Shields", "Being Everyone" and "Attendance". However, they are only heard abundantly on "Come" and "Living Shields" (they're only backing on "Being Everyone" and they don't have a lot of lines on "Attendance). Although After Forever never put emphasis on choirs, I feel that they could've played a slightly bigger of the music. However, the few lines that the choirs have are sung excellently.

Out of twelve songs, only three deserve a 10/10. These are "Living Shields", "Attendance" and "Forever". However, "Come", "Being Everyone" and "Free of Doubt" are also very good tracks. The rest of the songs aren't very interesting and I always end up skipping them (although I don't mind the intro "Enter"). My favorite track is "Living Shields" due to the frequent choir involvement.

In conclusion I think that "Remagine" was a bit rushed. It contains a lot of filler-tracks which could've been easily left out. However, it isn't a horrible album. Fans will be definitely disappointed, but it's still in the tolerable zone. I won't recommend this to anyone, but I'd be lying if I said that I regret buying it.