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Supreme Pagan Art - 90%

MHITO, October 7th, 2002

Aeternus have shifted from folk-inspired Pagan Metal to a more straightforward (albeit more brutal) Death Metal sound. I for one enjoy all of their later albums but Beyond The Wandering Moon had all the qualities of the band in perfect harmony.

From the haunting piano intro of Under The Blade Of The Dead to the celtic harp-solo of The Last Feast the band uphold a brutal yet intensly melodic sound that is complemented by piano and some sound effects.

Although the sound is very Black Metal influenced in for example the faster parts, the sound of the guitars and the vocals is so heavy you almost think your listening to Death Metal!
But then however, the band almost drowns you in a stream of beautiful celtic melodies, a perfect example is the song Sworn Revenge that litteraly takes us to all the extremes the band uses on the album. It starts out insanely fast and then turns to more slow and brooding part to eventually come out victoriously melodic.

There's simply not a bad song on this album, but I can imagine some people would have a hard time listening to the whole thing in one sitting.

Probably the band's best effort and certainly their most original one.

Listening tips are (apart rom the ones already mentioned):

White Realm (crushing speed and vocals)

Sentinels of Darkness (a folk song turned to grinding doom)

Vind (one of the "True" black metal songs)