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The enemy of mankind - 100%

Casper666, October 18th, 2006


I've never heard of Ad Hominem before. I read some smashing reviews in Danish magazines and thought to give it a try. What a decision!

The sound:
Ad Hominem plays some of the most aggressive and fast black metal I've heard in a long time. Within the hateful sound, you find elements of catchy riffs and raw, ugly and dirty atmosphere, the style is industrial black metal, which makes it catchy yet terrorising. The sound could be compared a bit to Marduk's "Plague Angel" and Tsjuder's "Desert Northern Hell", but still Ad Hominem sounds like nothing else I've heard before.

The lyrics:
The vocals are distorted, hateful and 100% insane! (Reminds a little bit of Abbath's (Immortal) vocal on the intro to Blizzard Beasts). The hate and disgust for mankind and human life couldn't be more intense. The lyrics are all so hateful that they exterminate every proof of life, leaving nothing but pulverizing hate and life turned into dust. Some might say that Ad Hominem's lyrics are a directly attack on Jews, because they (or he) plays NSBM, but through the entire album, it is never mentioned directly; sure there is references to misanthropy, but it is directed to all of mankind.

I can't even pick out a favourite track, because they are all great individually. If I should try to pick out a few, then it may be the title song Climax of Hatred, As I Long For and My Loudest Scream of Hate.

All in all:
Ad Hominem is within no doubt the biggest enemy of mankind. The extreme and intense disgust is so strong and the music so damn great. You almost find yourself marching to your cd-player putting "Climax of Hatred" on repeat again and again. Do yourself a favour and listen to this masterpiece of an album at least once!