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Black as it is meant to be! - 90%

Dechristianizer, July 14th, 2005

I just recieved a copy of Abystic Rituals' demo Dark Carnal Witchery, and i have to say, that this album is both well composed and well produced. It contains the excellent old-school black metal formulas, but they also succeed with getting some good old brutality in there including some bad ass growls and screams. The vocalist really knows how to put his skills to good use, which is one of the great qualities of this demo.
The guitar riffs are quite melodic and in certain well chosen places they also have some very good grooving going on. This is a definite plus for this album, and it makes it very diverse and memorable. I am particurlarly in looooove(evil love of course) with the first track on the album. It's so damn evil and groovy i just have to listen to it again and again!
AR makes no use of keyboards which is refreshing. Keyboards sometimes help to make an album more diverse by putting in these silent passages that builds up to the rest of the songs. AR don't need this! With the groove they have going on and the fast riffing combined, they have an excellent recipee for some kick ass black metal. No more reading - go get this demo!