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Very good first release - 100%

EpsilonVector, February 1st, 2011

As a first official release this is a very good one. Exsequia Occulta may be just a 20 minutes single, but it's a mighty impressive one, showing just how strong the combination of doom metal and horror can be.

The star of this single is definitely the title track. It's a 13 minute epic that basically combines all their influences: the classic horror movie style organs, the deep clean vocals that sound oldschool vampiric, and slow rhythmic guitars for that doomy feeling (which seem to have strong classic Rock undertones). The atmosphere is very dense and foreboding yet epic at the same time, especially during that slow, searing solo that comes up near the end of the track, and all the classic horror elements somehow manage to come across as cool despite the fact that in other contexts they may be considered cheesy.

The follow up song is a bit more upbeat and has more mystic keyboards. It's a pretty good song but it gets completely overshadowed by the juggernaut that comes before it. Regardless, it has the same classic Rock meets doom metal undertones and deep booming vocals that worked so well in the first track, and I really can't complain. It's an overall great release and I'd recommend it to just about anyone, especially because of that damn epic solo.

A modern Alice Cooper - 98%

grimdoom, May 3rd, 2008

This is what Alice Cooper would sound like if he played Gothic/Doom Metal. The music here is creepy, dark and fun. The music is fairly simplistic but rich in its theatrics.

The production is alright. The guitars sound like their tuned to standard and are melodic throughout most of the recording. There is some heaviness but not an obscene amount, there is even a solo on the first song. The bass more or less follows the guitars.

The drums sound good but don't do anything too exciting. The keyboards harmonize with the guitars through most of the recording. They add all the atmosphere here.

The first song is incredibly slow, while the second song is more moderately slow. The vocals go from a deep Gothic croon to more lower-mid ranged Death vocals. The songs are well orchestrated and played. If there are any issues they would be the length of the recording and the production. Other than that, this is a very good single and recommended to all.