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Pwns` - 95%

Serpenthrone777, November 24th, 2007

This album is freaking amazing. Now I'm not huge in the Blackened Death scene, with the exception of a few including this band (and Behemoth & Zyklon... that's about it). But this band blows all other Blackened Death Metal (with the exception of Behemoth which tools) out of the water.

Firstly, the guitars are amazing. They continual pound a barrage of sound waves at your ears meant to cause neural bleeding. It's insane, and has an almost brutal feel to it. Definitely solidly played, and amazing for head banging.

Drums are awesome and furious. However, they are a bit "standard" as far as the genre goes, not really adding something new to the table. But they definitely add even more life to the band, directly (if not making on itself) the intensity of the music.

Finally, the vocals. Quite different from many black metal or death metal vocals. They remind me of a mix between Zyklon's and late Emperor's with a mix of a few recent Melodic Black Metal bands that I can't pinpoint their name. They're just amazing in the end, conveying a wide degree of vocal patterns and ranges.

Amazing album filled with intensity and extreme noise terror. I'd suggest it to anyone who is a fan of Death Metal or Melodic Black Metal (or Zyklon, as there seems to be parts where there's a bit of Zyklon worship going on, though not to the point where you think "Zyklon Clone").

Throne of Serpents - 92%

Apollyn, June 6th, 2005

Abused Majesty plays the combination of uncompromising black metal and melody , more quiet moments and a really good composition of the songs. My compatriot didn't make it easy for themselves, because for this debut record, 'Serpenthrone', they immediately decided to make it a concept album (based on a Polish myth about a serpent king). As the CD progresses, the similarities with Emperor become less striking, especially the solos are too conventional. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing because together with the very present keyboards and the three different vocalists that are used, it gives Abused Majesty a distinctive identity of their own. We're going to hear a lot more of this band if they continue the path they have chosen. Excellent release.
I could recommend this relese to all Emperor and Dimmu Borgir fans.
Best songs: The Path of Sword, A Burning Army, The Inferno That Took His Life..