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The most retarded piece of shit I have ever heard. - 0%

Shadespawn, September 16th, 2008

When one is in his teens, one tends to rebel, to join certain subcultures active at the time being and even to push one's actions to the most extreme possible. Young men usually do this in order to prove themselves in front of their kith and kin. One asks a girl he likes to date him, the other steals some bubble gum from a public grocery store. Absurd's members kill a Jewish classmate, who was mocking their "evil" imagery back in 93'. Apparently this is how it's done amongst the "elitist Aryan resistance" or the NSBM scene. This is what you have to do to get acknowledgement within the scene, which truly is worth spending an awful lot of time in prison. And you know what? That actually worked, as Absurd is viewed today as one of the precursors of "elite German hateful music".

Sure, heck of a story, isn't it? But let's get to the music. Well actually what we have here can not be described as music, as it is a complete cacophony. I wish I never had listened to this complete piece of garbage. This is so bad it provokes nausea and migraines. Make your friends listen to this crap and they will curse you to hell. Yes. It is that bad. The pain this ejection of sonic diarrhoea causes is even worse that Metallica's "St. Anger" combined with all the emopopcore you can find on the fucking Internet. It's even worse (!) than Ildjarn's minimalistic junkyard black metal for that matter. This juvenile effort is anything but good. To think that they were the same age as Quorthon or Alexi Laiho, who both released killer music in their teens. The recording is shit (only mono recorded). The guitars sound like a lawn mower... mowing a lawn... covered in shit! Bass is non existent. But now let's get to the interesting part: the vocals! Really this guy is very talented. Not. This poor epic Aryan warlord sounds like he is vomiting his own life. The music itself can be described as puking into the pipe of a running vacuum cleaner. He also does clean vocals and together with the music it sounds like a sad cuckoo trapped inside a ventilator. The drums really make Lars Ulrich's performance on St. Anger sound great! The drums are almost non existent either, sounding much worse than on any Moonblood recording you will ever get your hands on.

Do humanity a favour and never get this, and while you're at it, if you have to listen to these guys, get it as an mp3 and if you ever see a person with either a patch, a CD or any other merchandise from this band, tell him this is an utter disgrace to both nihilism and heavy metal.