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Leben ist Krieg, Krieg ist Leben - 100%

Erecshyrinol, June 25th, 2004

Years after the musical peak of black metal, this renowned German horde released an epic of dynamic proportions compressed into an EP with a running time of under half an hour. Thrusting their fists in the face of Judeo-Christian values with minimalistic and militant pieces, these musicians use simple verse-chorus structures combined with marching beats and vocals ranging from a harsh growl to clean singing that influences the listener on a subconscious level, evoking a strong emotional reaction. Fusing two musical genres that embrace the ideas of racial seperation and nationalistic pride, ‘Asgardsrei’, combinating black metal aesthetics with oi-inspired riffing/soloing, stands, much like the topic of concept, as an uncompromising expression of these beliefs in opposition to Semitic morality and remains one of the last monuments of worth in this aged genre.