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You DO need terrible music to compliment the good - 55%

Sportswear, March 7th, 2004

He he, this is very cheeky indeed from Aborted. Playing with a bunch of laymen metal bands. Misery Index, being the fastest (not necessarily an insinuation of talent, but, you know) and the most talented of the rest, but the boring weak death metal music and stupendous vocals making you want to press "Stop" abruptly. Brodequin, ha ha, well, the only two good things about their weak contribution here is the intro on "The garotte" and the vocals are pretty good too. So I wont get into how bad they are. Drowning, being a massively improved band, but only going from an extremely average "deathcore" (whatever, fuck these dumb kiddie labels) band to a faster (but oh so boring) pseudo death metal band. It still sounds like the drummer and the guitarists met only yesterday, ha ha, the shame. Though Aborted must feel flattered that Drowning have tried to copy their style of cheeky pinch after the odd groovy crunch riff. Not to mention the TERRIBLE solo, totally holding back and showing no talent whatsoever on the song "Creation".

Ahh, the relief as we get to the Aborted songs, a BIG "Phew" as the intro kicks in. Yeah, this is Aborted at their best, great tempo change 3:41 in, a slower, but powerful style. "Human beings are a disease" is sampled in the background, then the intro repeated once again. The second song being a Napalm Death cover, well, with me hating Napalm Death, this one was hard to appreciate, but they do a better job of it than ND do, ha ha ha.

I think I will give 55% for this altogether, the 50% from Aborted's contribution, and the 45% can be what is missing from the rest of the bands talent, each being poor excuses for a metal band.