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The Purity of "The Purity Of Perversion" - 89%

Sportswear, March 7th, 2004

From the gigglesome intro and onwards, this LP caught my attention. In some ways, a simple, but "metal as fuck" LP with brilliant speed, fantastic piggy squealed plus rasped vocals, unreal pinch harmonics and who can forget that great double breakdown in "The Lament Configuration". This LP is definitely brutal and tough as fuck, with great gore lyrics, just how some like it. Great samples throughout also. Fuck, gore and image aside, they just write great fucking music and more importantly, brilliant songs that catch your ear straight away. Each song has it's own style, all sticking to gruesome gore and lyrics true, but each song has a different style of groove or breakdown, or tempo change. One great band. Fucking Hail Aborted NOW!