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Abigor - Verwüstung / Invoke the Dark Age - 100%

WSinned90, January 8th, 2012

This release possess so much feeling and fantastic musicianship, this is in other words very well executed black metal. If you only like raw necro sounding black metal, then I would not suggest this band to you. These are fucking great musicians, they know exactly how to play their instruments and are very talented, both at composing music and performing it. That is definitely something one will notice listening to this band, even on this, their very first album... Hell you will even notice it on the demo tapes when you have get passed the raw quality!

The music is quite melodic, yet very dark and sinister. Sometimes it also possess a very melancholic and beautiful feeling and atmosphere, take for example the song "Weeping Midwintertears" or "In Sin". As far as I know Abigor have never really used bass, and that makes them have a very special sound, which is based on multiple guitar layers. On this recording there is also a decent handful of acoustic guitars, sometimes mixed with the distorted guitars, sometimes standing alone. Now you probably think, no bass?? what the fuck!? this must be some necro sounding shit. No, not at all, actually the production is perfectly clear on this release. And that is what makes Abigor's sound so special, normally bands that do not use bass have that necro sound, Abigor have a production where everything is audible, and that is what makes their sound so special in my opinion. And that counts for all of their releases! Besides of all these multiple guitar layers there is T.T. perfect drum playing, he is, without any doubt the most underrated black metal drummer in the whole fucking WORLD!! He is so tight and makes so fucking fantastic fills, and his drums always fits 100% procent with the riffs, which are also very complex. Abigor has never been a band for fun, these guys are very serious, and you can hear that everything is thought through and is something they have worked very hard on.

On top of this hellish music you have Silenius on vocals, this man is a complete madman, I really dig his vocals, they are simply fantastic. To describe his vocals would be, that they are very hysteric, sinister and depraved, this man screams like if he was in the flames of Hell, tormented by them, but still it is his eternal desire to be there, tormented in eternity. I can only think of one vocalist that I can compare a bit to this man, and that would be Henke Forss of Dawn and Niden Div. 187, they both have that hysterical, depraved and tormented voice, bot do not misunderstand my words, they both have their very own unique voice, and could by no means be mistaken for each other. I only write this to give you a little idea about the vocals Silenius performs.

I would recommend this to people who really like serious black metal, that is very well played and where the musicians actually use their skills. Abigor has always been one of the most skilled bands in this scene and have never done two similar recordings, except from some of the demo tapes.

The spirit is here, the lyrics are good, the music is fantastic executed, the vocals are insane and very powerful and the atmosphere is amazing. So I would suggest that you add this to your collection as soon as possible!