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Abigor - Apokalypse - 100%

WSinned90, January 7th, 2012

This release sees Abigor with a more primitive and aggressive sound than we have come to know, gone are the beautiful melancholic melodies and all you get here is pure fucking violent aggression. Of course the music is not that primitive when all comes to all, but it is definitely more primitive than what Abigor has released up to this release. I actually don't think that Abigor are capable of composing truely primitive music.

The production fits the music perfect, it is not to clean and it is not to raw. Everything is audible and the production have a really dark and sinister edge. You can definitely hear that this is Abigor, no doubt about that, the riffs and melodies are like only Abigor can perform them! But it is a bit more stripped down to the bone than what they normally do.

If you have heard "Opus IV", then you know that Silenius started to use a really dark and hellish voice, it was not that much present on that release, but on this one that is almost the only one you get and it is really brutal, sinister and effective, it fits the music perfect in other words! You still get some of the tormented, hysteric screams, but it is the other style that is the most present and dominates this slap of violence the most. He sounds like a madman that is possessed on this release, my favourite performance must be on the track "Tu es diaboli juna".

This is a really violent, aggressive and sinister release, it last for 17:21, which is a perfect length for such a release. For me personally this one is in league with Zyklon-B "Blood Must Be Shed" and Niden Div. 187 "Towards Judgement" and "Impergium", and if you dig those releases then I would strongly suggest that you check this one out.